Winter Style Inspiration 2019

Post by Aoife

You may be wondering if you really need more winter (ie Christmas season) style inspiration, now that we’ve helped you discover the wonders of glasual dressing. Well, quite frankly, you do! Moods change, vibes shift, the weather dictates what you can comfortably wear, especially this time of year. A little light browsing of the street style of those with either stylists at hand or their own innate sense of style can’t hurt during these merry days of rain and cold.

So with Katie Holmes’ viral woolen bra and cardi set in mind, and a vague memory of Keira Knightly in the most cool of casual winter ensembles floating in my brain, I have compiled a collection of timeless lewks to take a few pointers from.



Well if this isn’t perfect for stomping around town and I just don’t know what is. A recent pap shot of Keira features her wearing the same boots (this pic is a year or two old), so you can’t deny that you’ll get millage out of a pair of heavy duty boots. That is one cozy looking jacket, and the overall look is no-nonsense effortlessness, ideal for those days where you just gotta get shit done.


If there isn’t a more classic winter look, suitable for town, country, village, city, wherever, it’s this one. Woolly jumper? Check. Straight cut jeans? Yup. Good quality coat your mum would approve of? Gotcha. Cute hat and leopard print boots to add interest? Present and correct. You could wear this every day with a different, lighter top underneath and no one could fault you.



I’m almost 100% sure that Olivia Palermo threw those slightly scruffy boots on because her dog was pestering her for a walk, but I dunno, it still kinda works for me! If you want to look a bit more polished I’d swap the boots for a pair of brogues or loafers (other Olivia faves), for that touch of WASPish nonchalance.


This is a look I go back to time and again. Very easy to put together (white shirt, black pants, black ribbon and any good coat), you’re polished as a Park Avenue princess in no time, without the high maintenance. Again, although I don’t mind the shoe combo, it would all come together perfectly with some elegant flats – black, leopard print, red, the choice is yours!



When Katie Holmes’ bra and cardi set almost broke the fashion internet recently, no one thought she’d do it again, and so soon. But did it she did, in the most simple but chic ensembles ever to pound the New York pavements. There’s no way you don’t have an LBD of some description in your arsenal; grab a pair of polka dot tights (I got mine from Penneys!), a dainty pump and a slick of the red stuff and you’re literally done. Umbrella holder not included .


There’s nothing I don’t like about this ensemble, and that include’s Rosie’s bleary eyes. The sign of a night out well spent! In contrast to the other looks included there’s not a touch of black to be seen, which will surely have you standing out from the crowd. The loose but perfectly tailored look is hard to achieve, admittedly, but God loves a trier, so why not step out of your comfort zone and give it a go? A few drinks in and you’ll have half the vibe sorted anyway!

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