Trend Watch: Puff Sleeves or How I Almost Succumbed to a Throwaway Trend Once Again

Post by Aoife

I’ve found myself facing a conundrum. I had thought that I had my Christmas closet all sewn up after one sleepless night when I mentally went through my entire wardrobe and planned each outfit for the week of Christmas, right down to a heading entitled “Unexpected casual drinks in pub”, and was pretty darn pleased with myself and my (scary, uptight, control freaky) organisational skills.

On top of that, I realised I was living my best sustainable life, not buying anything new to wear just once, but reusing and recycling and re-purposing bits and pieces from winters past. My job was done; Merry Christmas, everyone!

That was until I spied a few party tops on quick little peeks into Penneys and Dunnes. Oh, the green eyed monster reared its naughty little head, and I’m not talking about the Grinch. “That would look really good with my pleather pants (my planths, as I call them, copyright pending)”, I mused. “Oooh, that would be perfect with a pair of jeans and a pair of nice little pumps” I enthused. Reader, I was being seduced by the puff-sleeved top.


If Margot Robbie is wearing the trend then I must be on to something. She donned this design by Johanna Ortiz, who is soon to release a collection for H&M, so our very own high street stores are quick off the mark with their trend forecasting! These are, what we say in the biz, dramatic sleeves, and how interesting and fun they make an otherwise plain material, colour and overall design.

Dunnes raspberry

This is the one I spied in Dunnes. It’s only €25, has a tie back, boasts that organza puffiness and just screams paaaaaaarty top. I am a bit afraid it would catch fire out in the smoking area, but you shouldn’t be out there anyway so you’d be fine!

Penneys puff 2

Well how’s about this little number from Penney’s? I lurve. It’s just really cool. Also might be a little flammable, but who doesn’t want to court some danger around Christmas time?

Penneys puff 3

This one, also from Penneys, is closer to the Margot Robbie look. The style I actually saw in store (in Eyre Square, Galway) wasn’t quite this one, it had a more prairie vibe, and also came in white. I would pick either up in an instant, unfortunately for my wallet and the world.

Now, I’m going to surprise you with my next statement – I haven’t, in fact, bought any of the tops or dresses that I so covet. I’m going to use all my will-power not to, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to. If you still have a few Christmas euros lying about and are committed to wearing it on at least 30 occasions in order to justify its carbon footprint, I say go for it. Getting ample wear out of it shouldn’t be a problem, considering all the dates to keep over the coming weeks, now should it?

If you do pick up a puff, let us know! Tag us in a pic over on Insta to remind us what fashion moments we’re missing out on. See ya there!



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