Month: August 2013

Bear Grills

Post By C.M. A lot has been said about a certain misguided 20 year old and her tongue-wiggling, simulated sex positioning, generally distasteful performance at this year’s MTV VMAs. At this point, four days on, most people have huffed and puffed and moved on from The Miley Show, although in saying that, many still have […]


Six Degrees of Costume Changes

Post by C.M. It’s only 2013, so in two years time, according to Back the the Future II, we will all most likely be wearing self-fitting jackets, sporting spontaneously-lace-tying shoes and happily hopping on hoverboards to make like trees and leave places in a hurry. So why, nearly twenty years after Clueless was released, do […]


Birthday Suit

Post by Aoife Last time I went to the theatre in Dublin I rocked up decidedly crumpled following a bus journey spent contorted into different positions, in a frustrating quest for comfort. Adding to that a cumbersome rucksack I had to hoik up every time anyone wanted to pass by me, which happened frequently – […]