Trend Watch: Glasual

Post by Aoife

I’ve been trying to find a name for my current preferred sartorial aesthetic, and it turns out the word has already been coined. I don’t know where it originated; according to a snipit I read on The Telegraph fashion pages it seems to have begun with Marks & Spencer’s AW19 press launch, but I first came across it in this column by Jess Cartner-Morley in The Guardian. Anyway, glasual is, fairly obviously, a portmantau of glamorous and casual and is the perfect mix to attempt as we enter partaaaay seasoooon.

It’s a little bit glam, a little bit kazh and a lot easy. It’s the perfect look for winter, when an unexpected drinks invitation can come from just about anywhere, from anyone, at any time. It has to be able to withstand hot sweaty pubs and nicer, but equally as crowded bars, and also the to-ing and fro-ing of getting from place to place. Glasual, in a way, means you can be wearing a tracksuit but with hair, nails and make-up ‘done’, but we prefer to follow a slightly different aesthetic than that one.

These days flat shoes are the way to go; heels are better suited to straight-up glam, so there’s that covered – pair your pair of sneaks with a sequin top, or put the skirt with a shirt and you’re on to the idea!



I love the chunky sweater and midi skirt look; remember those leopard print skirts that everyone was wearing this summer? Drag yours out again and put it with a knit, with a t-shirt or vest underneath when the roaring fire you’ve been trussed up against for half an hour gets too unbearable. The top doesn’t necessarily have to be black or neutral (although they always work) – clash a print or add a pop of colour!





If you prefer the comfort of jeans or trousers/pants you can still get in on the action. There are piles upon piles of sequin, glittery and embellished tops in the shops at the moment, both on the high street and in second-hand and vintage shops, which would work just perfectly with a pair of brogues or, in this instance, a pair of heels – low, kitten, block or stiletto, whichever you prefer. I like the jeans look, and will also be trying those pleather pants that seem to be seen in every iteration in Dunnes, New Look, Zara et al. And don’t forget; if in doubt a crisp white shirt and the perennial pop of colour works every time.

Sequin 2


shirtI picked up a really cute light-weight, skinny cardi in Penney’s last week. I wasn’t mad about the gold buttons it came with so went to my local Hickey’s, picked up alternative buttons for about €2 for the set and replaced them. I’ll share the outfit on Instagram on Thursday, when I’m planning to debut it at an event; glasual season has truly begun!



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