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ABOUT Miriam
Right off the bat I must declare that I don’t believe that city dwellers have better style than their country counterparts. In fact, it’s true to say that many of the stylish women and men on the streets – or in the pubs, restaurants or shops – of Dublin originated from beyond the Pale.
That said, the day a little guttersnipe shouted “nice pants, you dirty !@#%” as response to the very cool skinny flares I had donned that day was the day my suspicion that sartorially astute country inhabitants may not always garner the kind of attention they were going for. So off I moved to The Smoke!
But stylish people are stylish people no matter where they dwell – and the purpose of this blog is to document just that.
It’s difficult to tell the difference between a youth, loitering in the doorway of Supermacs and bolstered by the presence of his similarly track-suited companions, saying “nice boobies” or “nice booties” but I choose to believe the latter, as it was muttered in the depths of winter while I was scurrying past, obliged to bundle up in a huge torso obscuring scarf and padded coat, my feet clad in Isabel Marant-style hi-top wedge trainers.
It’s probable that he didn’t say either, or was – regrettably – directing his words at somebody else, but it did get me thinking about how fashion and individual style is received in rural Ireland. What isn’t given a second glance in a large city can be met with incredulous disdain in a country town. But of course the opposite can also be true, and it is my mission to show that people with style, and opinions about style, pop up everywhere and anywhere, from city streets to country lanes, and the Wild West is where I’m starting.

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