When we started TownMouse CountryMouse Ireland (TMCM Ireland) in 2012, we were at the tail end of our twenties and in search of an outlet to write about subjects we enjoyed in a project to work on together.

Blogs were in their heyday, and TMCM was a moderate success, being nominated for awards and allowing us to dip our toes into the early days of influencing, although our interest and forte was in writing for enjoyment and on our own terms, and for the amusement and entertainment of our readers.

Over ten years on and a lot has changed – we are both married, one of us has a terrific toddler and the other has one on the way! The Covid-19 pandemic was the catalyst to put TMCM on permanent hiatus while we figured out, with the rest of the world, what we wanted to do next – and that is how Beirt was born.

Aoife B. Burke and Miriam Burke

We are saying goodbye to the TMCM soul focus on style and fashion, and pivoting towards a wider range of interests, still including personal style and trends, but also lifestyle, which will include what we’re watching, reading, listening to and generally passing our time with, and also life – everyday topics and current affairs that concern many people, particularly those in their 30s and 40s.

We chose the Irish word Beirt as our calling card; it means two people, a pair as Gaeilge. It is pronounced (in Connacht Irish) like birch, the tree, which symbolises rebirth and growth in Celtic mythology, which we find appropriate as we approach middle age while still feeling like relative spring chickens!

We think that much of our previous audience will be in a similar place to us, so are thrilled to invite you along on our next venture. We also welcome all our new readers, who we look forward to engaging with.

This will be our main base, but we will be also leaning more on Instagram – if that means finally learning how to make a Reel, so be it. We’ll also be on Twitter, and will retain our Facebook presence to some extent too.

Sign up with your email address to receive new posts, or check back in regularly, where we’ll be discussing Style, Life/Entertainment and Current Affairs/Arts in general rotation which we will produce as much as is reasonable!

Contact us via our social channels or We look forward to embarking on this new beginning with you!

  • Aoife & Miriam

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