Zara has a dupe for Saint Laurent flat sandals – and they’re on sale!

Post by Miriam

Everyone is talking about the Zara sale. And so they should given the number of dupedy dupes that are strewn around shop floors for next to nothing.

I haven’t set foot in a Zara since the sale was announced. because my wardrobe is literally spilleth over but I saw these Saint Laurents and I remembered seeing flat sandals that I avoided in Zara because they weren’t on sale and they’re very much the same vibe.



Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 17.38.43

Here’s the on sale pair:

They’re only €16!

They’re flat, they’re tan, they’re very similar.

But there’s another pair that are even more like the Saint Laurents. They’re not on sale but they are also far from the almost €500 that the designer pair costs.

Flat Sandals €29.95

They’re the kind of sandals that a rich aunt who’s bored of her children and is only interested in drinking champagne on the terrace of an Italian villa would wear. With a floaty white kaftan. Or a floaty white top with floaty parallel pants.

For a more casual, but still white look, here’s what Sienna Miller wore to Glastonbury over the weekend.

sienna miller at glastonbury wearing white linen jumpsuit

As it happens, she’s wearing another pair of It sandals.

They’re by comfy, sensible shoe brand Sorel and I’m kind of amazed at how much I’m into them. If Sienna has given them her seal of approval, they’re very much fashion while still being practical.

Move over Birkenstock, you’ve got competition.

And guess what? They’re also on sale!

sorel ella's sandal

Sorel Women’s Ella Sandal €62,99 was €89,99

And since we’ve segued over to the subject of Glastonbury, may I show you Laura Whitmore’s Glasto outfit?

While her dress is not on sale, it’s from New Look so it might as well be sale price.

laura whitmore glastonbury

Black Ditsy Floral Spot Milkmaid Dress €22.99

From middle-aged aunt style to teenager who’s escaped her parents on holiday (Sorry, Laura), there’s something for everyone in the summer sales!!




  1. Antonymous

    As I said I find flat sandals quite elegant with long or just above knee skirt or dresses. Or skinny long or calf jeans and flowy pants of various hems.
    But hey I might be ignorant, but weren’t similar models of flat sandals simple but a bit more stylish than Birkenstocks already common before these ones? 🙂

      1. Antonymous

        Hey, interesting observation, you’re right that the particularly hot and humid weather of this summer might have a role and climate more in general, with fashion, or at least practical fashion. Because we remember when lots of women wore bare legs and feet in winder, or even bare belly and in that time I always asked what was wrong with an elegant pair of warm tights, they would have been more practical but not the bare legs and any cost which were in fashion.
        It’s good to see it now following the needs more. Lots more men as well are pulling off leather sandals with shorts, which I think is also good and breaks some hang ups in men style.
        With shorter skirts or dresses sandals seem to be worn a bit higher in average, though not excessively and mostly wedged and front platformed anyway, which are at least way comfier than usual heels.

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