Trend Watch: Tiny Glasses

Post by CM

Remember back in the early 2000s when, if you were unfortunate enough to require glasses for the first time aged 15, you had to settle for those boring, standard frames because you didn’t know any better? Then, when you were used to wearing the glasses but needed a serious style upgrade, said frames had an ‘accident’ and you opted for the most impractical seeing devices possible, those very narrow, thin-framed specs that were of use only when staring straight forward. This new trend for space-age sunnies reminds me so much of that, of sacrificing functionality for form, a compromise that works so far from in your favour is it even worth it?


Of course it’s not! I loved those silly glasses for about a week, before I realised my mistake (and my mother said “I told you so”) and it was another loooooong time – those steel frames were sturdy feckers – that I could get a proper pair to actually see through. The same can be said for these Matrix shades; what’s the point in forking out €€€ for a little sliver of sun protection? Because they look cool? Cause they kinda… do. Despite my better (older, wiser) judgement I think they have a two-fingers-up sort of feel to them, a little bit of a punk-rock f**k you to practicality. In that way they’re a little bit teenage, a little bit playful but still nevertheless a lot style over substance.

Louis Vuitton

Of course it’s Bella Hadid who’s leading the charge on these tiny glasses; she of the dad sneakers and curious love of late 90s bad fashion. You’d be right in thinking that it’s far easier for a waifish model to pull off these specs, and a mere mortal probably would look a bit stupid trying them for size. Unless said mortal wore them with the youthful confidence they require, then you might be on track.

Bella 4

Bella 3

Bella 2

Bella 1

Fear not, the tiny trend isn’t the only sunglasses look for this summer (although try telling that to Kanye West; he reportedly instructed Kim to adorn her face with nothing else). Big, in your face novelty frames are also on the cards (see Dolce and Gabbana’s SS18 show for more), 60s style cat-eyes are also a good look, but if you care about staying on trend you might want to hang up your aviators this year (don’t worry, they won’t be on the shelf for long). Once the sun starts shining, whenever that may happen, will you be channelling Neo and Trinity? Let us know!


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