Trend Watch: Pink and Red

Post by Aoife

If by pink and red you think bad sunburn or post waxing redness on puckered pink flesh, think again. Put that image out of your mind immediately and banish it to the folder that contains all the embarrassing encounters you’ve sworn to forget, because now when you think pink and red you’ll be thinking about the most prolific new colour pairing red carpet trend of the season.

When we brought you our Spring/Summer18 guide recently I included a footnote on this very colour scheme, that has been emerging slowly but surely onto the catwalks and sidewalks of fashion capitals the world over. Then came New York Fashion Week  AW18 and it was seen all over again, in shows from Prabal Gurung to Christian Siriano and Self Portrait. It’s a definite thing, and it’s actually not as daunting as it seems to pull off, so let’s just go with it.



Fushia and bright red are really where it’s at. See how unexpectedly chic they can look together?



Pattern makes the combo a little less in your face, if you want to try it out but are still a bit on the fence.



Toughen it up with clunky black boots; make it your own by striding with confidence, blow it out of the park by adding candy floss colours (literally)!




See what I mean when I say it’s an easier look to pull off than you might first imagine?


If in doubt, find a pal!

Remember this dress? I still haven’t worn it. I’m thinking I might get it altered by the brilliant dressmaker in my town, and stick it on with a bit of red tights I found at the back of my cupboard. It’s a bold look but so what? If you want to be a shrinking violet pop on a pastel (lavender/lilac/light purple are also key colours for spring), but if you prefer to stand out get your pink and red on! While pink and green should never be seen (well, we’ll see about that one in seasons to come), pink and red will knock ’em dead.


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