The 5 Top Trends of Spring/Summer 2018

Post by CM

Are you breathing a sigh of relief that January is over, like I am? We’ve been trawling our large back collection of posts rather than creating new content for the first month of the year, using them for our own inspiration as well as yours, our dear readers, during what was a pretty grim, cold, stormy month. I’ve (obviously) been Hygge-ing like no-one’s business (here!), and been pulling out the tricks for how to wear cardigans (here!), trying to put new spins on old classics (here!) and tricking people into thinking I’m stylish when I was just staying warm (and here!).

But today is February 1st and everything is becoming clear again. Shall we see what may be in store for us, fashion-wise, this spring and summer? We shall! Let’s throw off the shackles of January and get stylish again!

The 2018 Skirt
This year you’re gonna need a pencil skirt. Typically worn just on the knee or in a midi length, they were seen all over the SS18 runways, from Prada to Gucci. They can be structured, patterned, ruffled, you name it, just stick to the body-hugging style and get your Marilyn Monroe wriggle on.
See also: high/low hemlines and floaty midi-maxi skirts.

Max Mara
Max Mara

The Print
Once again plaid and checks are going to be centre stage, which is great for those of us who invested last season. Think 70s inspired workwear, think oversized blazers or mini-skirts, think casual-preppy, drifting through a market on a spring day.
See also: big, 60s inspired florals and polka dots, later in the season.

Philip Lim
Philip Lim Resort
Alberto Ferreti
Alberto Ferreti Resort

The Colour
Move over Millenial Pink, so long red, make way for lavender. Soft pastels are in, but lavender/lilal/whatever word you want to use for light purple dominates. Wear head to toe, wear as an accent, wear as an accessory. Just wear!
See also: bold, monochrome, brash 80s styling and pink/red combos

JW Anderson
Vic B
Victoria Beckham

The Jewellery
The easiest way to update your style for the next season is with jewellery. This spring summer we’ll be wearing our earrings oversized, no delicate little studs for us!
See also: space age sunglasses (wide and rectangular)

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs

The Top Three Micro-Trends

Chanel plastic


Tom Ford
Tom Ford


Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein




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