Dino Babies Having Fun – The It Sweater of the Season

Post by CM

Who knew grown women had such a love of crudely realised dinosaur images on woolen jumpers?

Winona Ryder with Millie Bobby Brown

It’s been a mere month since I first spotted Winona Ryder sporting her dino jumper at New York Fashion Week, and I was so taken by it that up the image went immediately on our Facebook page. It turns out Winona is a leading light in the dinosaur motif stakes, having carried a jaunty suitcase with her on at least one occasion way back in her 90s hey day.

Ron Galella Archive - File Photos 2011
Winona and friends

Notable fashion faces have followed suit, giving us the sweater of the season. October is the best month for showing off your jumpers, as they’re not yet hidden under layers of parka and scarf and can be paraded around as you kick autumn leaves on your idyllic weekend walks.

Zoe Kravitz on the Lower East Side
-Photo of Zoe Kravitz by Joey Andrew

Style it with a midi skirt and knee boots for an evening dinner, or even short shorts like Zoe Kravitz if you’re somewhere that is still letting heat in through those descending clouds.



I do like it put together with a mini and bare legs, like the images above, and once it starts to get even colder you can easily pop on a pair of cosy tights. Footwear would constitute either a pair of preppy brogues or Chelsea ankle boots.


Kate Moss is the latest fashionista to be seen out and about in this star item from Coach (which will set you back about €620 – I’ll be finding my equivalent on the high street; quite possibly in the kids’ section). It’s such an easy, cool piece, versatile in its styling power and simple in design. How about it? Will you be getting on the Tyrannosaurus train?

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