Irish women of style who are trend-setters, not followers

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Tonight, I battled the rain and hoards of women and some men in stilettos to attend the launch of Dublin Fashion Festival in City Hall (the first time I set foot in there, for my shame. It’s magnificent, by the way). The festival kicks off on September 5th and will sashay on till the 11th, and the point of it to show that Dublin has a thriving style scene. We knew that already, of course, but does the rest of the world?

Hopefully they’ll follow the #DublinFashion hashtag and find out.

The world recognises New York, London, Scandinavian and Parisian style, but Ireland has It too – it just hasn’t been defined yet. The problem is so many Irish women like to take it easy.

If you go by their social media stats, and the reception they get on Twitter and Instagram and the other channels I care not to use, the Irish women people follow for style inspiration are Pippa O’Connor, Amy Huberman and Vogue Williams, with a bit of Laura Whitmore thrown in and some models like Roz Purcell, Holly Carpenter and the other Rosanna.

These women do have style – but. But, it’s trendy and of-the-moment and not particularly interesting.

Genuinely stylish people are the ones who set the trends, not the ones who follow them.These are the women of Ireland who may help you stay ahead of the curb. Or, you know, they just wear what they want and look good wearing it.

Angela Scanlon

angelaVia Angela Scanlan Instagram

You may not like her cropped jeans and loafer ensemble look like she’s borrowed her nephew’s pants and her granddad’s 40-year-old shoes and then six months later you’re buying replicas in Topshop.

Sharon Horgan

sharonVia Sharon Horgan Instagram

It’s her wardrobe on Catastrophe you’ll see the most of (and love) but it’s based on Sharon’s personal style, so.

Cathy O’Connor

cathyVia Cathy O’Connor Instagram

She’s one of Ireland’s most experienced stylists and maybe the only one who dresses how she pleases, isn’t in head to toe black, or not being a slave to trends. Also, that hair.

Sinead O’Reilly

sineadVia Sinéad O’Reilly Instagram

Sinead’s a blogger and ‘fashion gal’ who Dublin boutique ramblers might know from 2nd Space and others might know from her blog. She has a unique, cool but accessible style sensibility and she’s young so is just going up and up.

Emma @Lylaandco

Lyla and coVia LylaandCo Instagram

She’s a hairstylist, blogger and mother of two who had the best maternity style ever. Doing scandi style with a Dublin twist, she’s the one to follow for clean and simple ensemble inspiration.

Which Irish women do you follow that don’t get the recognition they deserve?

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