What to wear over a summer wedding guest dress

Post by TM

Once wedding season is over, I’ll stop going on about weddings. For now, it is an all consuming presence; the only sartorial dilemmas I’ve been having of late refer to wedding guest style.

We covered shoes last week, today I have to draw your attention to a detail that can do only two things: blend in with or RUIN your carefully chosen ensemble. What the hell do you wear over a dress that doesn’t match anything else in your wardrobe?

The instinctive answer is, sadly, a wrap. I kind of hate wraps – they’re the most basic of wedding guest items – but I’m going to have to use one for at least two weddings this year unless I want to part unnecessarily with precious moolah, and quite honestly, they do.


Because we don’t get much summer in summer, not many people will invest in a summer coat. For the purposes of weddings, though, perhaps you should. It will mean basing all of your summer wedding guest outfits around one style. But, hey, doesn’t that make it easier in a way? In a way.


If I was to wear something like a slip dress, a blazer/tux jacket could look very cool in a I-borrowed-my-boyfriend’s kind of way.


Or just wear a tux!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 00.13.40

Another slightly more controversial option is fur (faux, or course. Unless, only unless, it’s an heirloom). You wear your fur in winter to complement your coat. In summer, just wear it alone over your skimpy dress or top on those chilly evenings. Think about it; it makes sense.


A pashmina might be boring but it’s better than a leather jacket. While a (real) leather jacket makes every outfit look better, it’s just not wedding appropriate. And don’t go near denim.

Do not underestimate the humble cardigan or cute jumper, either. The right one can look perfect with a formal ensemble. Just ask Olivia Palermo.

olivia palermo cardigan

All that said, I hope this weekend is sunny so I don’t have to wear any cover up at all.


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