Capsule Confidential: Invisible Strappy Sandals

Post by TM

It’s summer. This means ice-cream, sand, fake tan, frizzy hair and weddings. 

The mice are at a certain age where every second weekend is a hen party and the other second is the main event. I’m not complaining: weddings are brilliant, especially when they belong to good friends.

People who are into style love the challenge of wedding season; even if we can’t possibly buy a new dress for every separate event, we can have a bit of fun customising it. But that takes time. And, annoyingly, money. And while shoes can be the best part of an outfit, in this situation, you’ve got to let them go.

It’s not as bad as it seems! There is a freaking good alternative. You can wear multiple outfits to events all summer and autumn and winter – if you’re ok with frostbite – and springtime long, with one simple pair of shoes: the invisible strappy heel.


‘Nude’ is the go-to option, but silver or gold is also good, especially when it comes to occasion wear, and black can work too. The style is simple: one small strap just before the toes, a thin sole, a high, slim heel and a thin strap at the ankle.


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The one annoyance is that with a good strappy heel comes a well maintained foot. A pedicure and smooth heels aren’t exactly necessary, but, I’m not going to apologise for saying it looks better.

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