Capsule Confidential: Wide Legged Pants

Post by TM

Something extraordinary has happened; I have become one of those people who buy clothes and never wear them. My terrible secret was revealed when the rack my clothes live on collapsed and my boyfriend discovered all the unworn dresses and tops and jackets and skirts with their labels still firmly attached to them.

Now that I’m reminded of them I will wear them. Some day. This Saturday, I’ll wear the wide-legged black trousers that were hidden on the same hanger as a jacket cape that I might save for Christmas and a blazer I think I’ll put on tomorrow (I don’t have a lot of hangers and that clothes rack is tiny).


I’m adding them to the Capsule wardrobe. Now, even though I forgot about them the minute I hung them up because they seemed a bit trendy (and they were reduced to €12 from €48 which indicates that people may not have wanted them) take a look at this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 23.57.43
Bianca (and Jade) Jagger 1979

See, it’s a classic.

They go in and out of fashion all the time, but any woman of style will know that that doesn’t matter. If Diane Keaton as both Diane Keaton and Annie Hall can wear them in the ’70s and Clemence Posey can wear them a few years ago and I can wear them this Saturday, they deserve a spot.

diane clemence

Other pros for wide legged trews: you can wear any shoe you want under them; you can wear it with a white shirt á la Clemence and not be mistaken for a waiter; you can easily hide stuff under there. I’m not saying what, or where, or how, but you can. You just can.


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