New in Town: 2nd Space, Om Diva’s Little Sis

Post by TM

Regular shoppers in Dublin, nay, regular shoppers in general, will know of Om Diva, the boutique on Drury Street that houses that glorious combination: old and new. 

It’s funny; when CM and I visit the store together, she will typically discover gems downstairs, in the vintage department and I will spot my buys on the ground floor, where the contemporary items live.

We both always swan upstairs to Atelier 27, which serves as a platform for new Irish Design, which is very, very cool. But this post isn’t about Om Diva, it’s about its new little sister, 2nd Space.


The shop launched last Thursday, April 14th, where the three separate rooms swelled with well-wishers and buyers, bubbles in one hand and a chocolate covered marshmallow in the other, with their eyes on a unique piece of clothing or jewelry.

2 space

2nd Space has a similar vision as Om Diva, housing both vintage and contemporary pieces, but it has a very strong focus on up-and-coming Irish designers. It’s an exciting, modern venture; giving newly graduated fashion designers a chance like this is like giving airplay to an unsigned band. Should the right people notice a new brand or if enough buzz is generated about a certain designer, that young Quarryman could well become a Beatle.

2ndclothesI had wondered what would happen to the space left vacant when Lennon Courtney left The Central Dairy on Upper Stephen Street, and I was most pleased when I discovered that the people behind Om Diva were moving in. It’s an exciting time for the Irish design world and their patrons; long may they prosper.

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