Head To Toe – Block Colour

Post by TM

It might sound like a weird dystopian society but I think it would be quite cool if the fashion of the future was to wear head to toe colour. Like, you feel like being a bit of a siren so you wear a red dress, shoes, hat, the lot. Or it’s a summer’s day so you put on your yellow glad rags. Or maybe the President of the World makes children don a certain colour, teenagers another, people in their twenties something else and so on so it’s all organised multi-colours (except for Wally). Maybe not.


There are a couple of trends this year that make me think that head to toe colour might catch on. The first is wide legged pants, the next is long coats and finally, er, street stylers at Paris Fashion Week were head to toeing it all over the city. Wide legged trousers and a matching long coat are very ’70s (another SS 15 trend) and very flattering. Going the whole shebang and wearing the same colour top and shoes is a glorious way to ‘do’ fashion.

head to toe 2

I am imaging a brilliant ensemble fancy dress costume now – a group of girl friends dress in the same clothes but in different hues with wide-brimmed hats and pointy court shoes. How Pret-A-Porter! I’m reluctantly advising that you don’t have to match exactly – varying shades of the same colour is also very fetching.


It’s easy to think bright, bold and primary with this style concept but you don’t have to stick out like a swan amongst crows; neutral colours work too. Imagine a camel coat with the outfit below (not that she needs one –  the baggy jumper is enough for a mild-ish spring day) but it would work, serait-il pas?


You don’t have to wide-leg trouser it, or pair with a long coat – you don’t have to wear head to toe colour. I recommend it though. You will feel fun, you’ll feel fashionable (not trendy) and you’ll look it too. And no, black doesn’t count.



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