BAFTAs 2014 Best Dressed

Post by T.M.

The BAFTA Awards were on Sunday night, but I’m pretty sure you know that already. Even though it was on two nights ago, we simply couldn’t let the event pass by without commenting on the night’s best dressed.

The BAFTAs have always been the awards I’ve most wanted to attend. I like that they are close enough to Ireland so that I wouldn’t be jet-lagged if I went and that the weather is predictable enough for me to not to have to tan myself. I could wear a fur over-garment and tights (potentially). Yes, I would fit right in.

Another good thing about them – compared with the US award ceremonies – is that they are generally less glitzy and glammy and manic. Some people would say they are a bit boring and reserved but for me the polite humour and calmness and silly poshness is refreshing.

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The way guests dress reflect the Downton Abbey atmosphere. Young Brits dress to impress, older Brits dress like they are going to a swanky dinner party and non-Brits dress in black because they think it will make them look classy.

Well, not all non-Brits:

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Lupita Nyong’o has done it again. She has been the one to watch all awards season and she certainly did not fail to disappoint in this emerald green number. The gold belt detail makes it a little more interesting than ‘just’ a dress, but the colour, style and make-up all work so well for her. Props to her stylist.

Helen Mc
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Helen McCrory‘s hair and make-up was a fright, let’s just get that out of the way. But there’s no doubt about it, she looked absolutely amazing (from the neck down) when she walked on stage to present some award to someone – I forget which one I was too busy admiring her incredible figure. Pictures do not do the dress justice; in real life it was a sext show-stopper. If only her make-up was less harsh and her hair was a little…tamer.

BAFTA Film Awards 2014 - Arrivals - London
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I love, lovidy love Tinie Tempah.  I can’t name one of his songs but his style is impecable. Also, he was a great sport on The Graham Norton Show when Miranda ‘not-at-all-funny-but-quite-good-in-Call-the-Midwife’ Hart tried to straddle him. No other man deserved recognition on this list (except maybe Eddie Redmayne) but Mr. Tempah absolutely had to be included. The texture and cut of his suit were a break from the norm, his slippers were comfy and stylish, all in all he just looked cool. As usual.

Ange Jol
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Another effortlessly cool looking guest was this little-known actress. She got a bad rap from some people who didn’t appreciate that she and Brad appeared to emulate Posh and Becks c. 1999; however, I think that Angelina Jolie looked simply smashing.  She wore what she wanted to wear, appearing to not give a flying fu*k what anyone thought or her red carpet choice. And why should she? She’s way to big a star to care about what people think. Saying that, I’m sure she’d like to know that we thoroughly approve of her feminine tux.

Pic from

Yay, Naomie Harris! A little bit a colour. Her dress clashes slightly with the carpet and looks much better against a different colour background but she still looks great in show-stopping red. It has an interesting yet comfortble looking structure (with a nod to the tuxedo) and looks tougher than your average dress without having a load of studs and belts all over it.

Pic from
Pic from

How fantastic did Oprah look? Great colour, flattering cut, interesting detail and what a cute bow! Her hair and make-up were also divine. Oprah has never looked better. Full figured ladies of a certain age would do well to take note of this look. Don’t forget the sass.

Pic from
Pic from

Samantha Barks‘ look is not remarkable but it’s a very pretty ensemble nonetheless. White is a difficult colour to pull off but the Les Mis star does it with aplomb. Her necklace is gorgeous and is the perfect accessory. Nice, subtle tan too.

Honorable mentions: Uma Thurman, Amy Adams – black brigade so they had to be omitted. Judy Dench, Helen Mirren and rather surprisingly Michelle Rodriguez.

Next stop – The Oscars!


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