Golden Globes – Style Winners and Losers

Post by T.M.

Thanks to my day job I was positively saturated with the Golden Globes yesterday, and to be honest it made me hate everything everyone was wearing, right down to their white winning smiles. Cut to the end of the working day however, when I had a chance to put my feet up and remember that critiquing (aka ripping to shreds) celebrity style is my favourite hobby, I scrolled through the galleries of GG fashion at a more relaxed pace and realised that this year’s red carpet held a host of welcome surprises.

We’ve seen this coming for a few seasons but finally – hurray – black or navy are no longer the dominant colours. In fact, this year there was no dominant colour. It seems that the A-Listers are either becoming more adventurous (or rather their stylists are persuading them to be) and I wouldn’t blame them; boring clothes = boring personality and these days every female actress wants to be life and soul, Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes Incidentally, J-Law is included on my Not-Worst-But-Least-Nice-Dress List. It won’t bother her though, or anyone else for that matter, since she’s so cool and everyone loves her no matter what she wears.

Excuse the dreadful quality but it’s what Emma would have wanted.

Bully for Emma Stone, however. Her Chanel get-up was a mess. Either no one will remember it (she obvs did not want people to see her in it, she’s nowhere to be seen on the red carpet!) or bitches like me will slate her for trying to be edgy but then hiding when she realised the bottom part of her outfit looks like it belongs to a stressed-out mom of the early 1990s and the top half looks like she’s trying to disguise the actual top half. That said, the top would be nice paired with something else.

Believe us, the smaller the size pic of this dress the better.

I can’t imagine what Kaley Cuoco aka Penny from the Big Bang Theory was thinking when she picked out this monstrosity. I’m guessing she’s still got ‘wedding brain’ or something and is trying out all the meringues she can manage before accepting that she’s now a 20-something-year-old old married woman who forever more can only don mumsy horror-shows like the one Julia Roberts wore. Let’s not bother with a picture of that. Drew Barrymore Oh Drew, oh Drew. I won’t dwell on you for too long since the dress really does scream for itself (it’s shrieking ‘I’m two steps away from the muu-muu Homer wore in that episode of ‘The Simpson’s’ when he became obese’) but she’s pregnant and looks really happy so we can’t be too mean. ZS GGs2 Now I hate that Zoe is on this list as much as you do, especially since she usually gets it so right. She almost manages to pull this Project Runway in the first few episodes-esque creation off because,well, look at her, but when it comes down to it, it just looks a bit crap. Bad Zac Posen! You’ve let yourself and Zoe down. Lupita Nyong This woman is one to watch, not just because shes wowing critics with her performance in 12 Years a Slave but because of her sartorial choices. She has quite the eye for fashion, she does, and what’s better, she knows what suits her. Oh yes – we are obviously now on to the Best Dressed of the Night section (yay!). This was the perfect choice for her first major red carpet appearance. What other colour could she have possibly worn? Margot Robbie The Wolf of Wall Street actress Margot Robbie is obviously an Australian beach babe-type stunner and she would look good in a mouldy old shower curtain, but I had to single her out for the way her cute green jewels (jewels – cute?!) matched her shoes. I guess by clicking those beauties three times she gets transported to quite a different land of Oz. Kate Mara I can’t get enough of Kate Mara’s style. Although at first glance she doesn’t appear to be one of those people who just looks naturally cool, take a second glance because she actually is. Her dress is both flowy and structured, Grecian and futuristic and she is simply rocking it. UMA t Although this dress wasn’t one of my favourites I had to include Uma Thurman. Doesn’t she look bloody fantastic? She stood out Sunday night as the most striking looking woman in the vicinity, easily out-doing younger stars. We want what she’s having!

Other notable mentions are Taylor Swift, Helen Mirren, Kate Beckinsale and the night’s hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. While I can’t say they impressed on the red carpet (sorry gals) they both looked amazing during the ceremony.

We’re so glad it’s only the beginning of awards season! Who said January was dull? It’s certainly got off to an interesting and varied starts – lets hope it continues.

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