Electric Picnic Style 2013 Volume 1

Post by T.M.

So it wasn’t my camera that was the problem it was my computer! I feel bad about blaming my camera but it’s an inanimate object so it didn’t mind. I gave my computer a good scolding though. No reaction.

Anyway, here are the snaps I took of the most interestingly, creatively and simply well dressed peeps I captured at The Picnic this long and glorious weekend past. Oh, but I cannot forget to thank my stunning assistant Gemma for her stellar spying, for at times I tend to get distracted by music, birds, the prosecco bar…couldn’t have done it without you, pal!

Now I know I had promised that I would regale you with tales of The Picnic from a performer’s point of view but I must save that for tomorrow’s volume. Yes, tomorrow’s! I had so much material there will be a continuation on Friday to mark the one week anniversary of the start of Electric Picnic 2013! Will stop my blither-blathering now…enjoy!

Electric Picnic Street Style TMCM

If you look closely enough you can see that Andrea’s dress features everyone’s favourite robot R2D2! Her bag is made from two old records. Perfect festival fancy! Very nicely put together. Ohh, and this is only the start!

Electric Picnic Street Style TMCM

Although the days were sunny the evenings tended to take a turn and a jacket was surely needed. Niamh’s white number was the ideal transitional item. Wish I had thought of that! The green belt added a certain je ne sais quoi too.

Electric Picnic Street Style TMCM
Ger Sloyan & Deirdre King

Two for the price of one! These two lovely ladies appear to be wearing festival staples but look a bit closer and notice their clever takes. Ger’s shirt and short combo would look equally as good on a summer’s night out and check out Deirdre’s amazing skirt! Comfortable looking and stylish – these two hit all the right notes.

Electric Picnic Style TMCM
Viv Maher

An elf has escaped from Lapland! Aw, but Viv’s dress is actually lovely. You wouldn’t think the Christmassy combo of green and red would work in September but on this occasion it certainly did! Especially since the decorations are already up in Brown Thomas…

Electric Picnic Style TMCM
Alice O’Connor

I think Alice is the epitome of Festival Fashion. I know, I know, she’s not wearing denim shorts, hunters and a parka but look at her. Can’t be denied. Hope she had fun in Wonderland.

Electric Picnic Style TMCM

Patterns and layers galore! I can’t even count how many items of clothing Trina is working but well, it works! The funny thing is everything goes together. Trina had lovely festival hair too, she did.

Street Style 9
Aoibheann Treenan

See what I mean about interesting and creative? Gemma was drawn to her jacket and what a jacket it is. Imagine what the dress would look like on a TOWIE person *shudder*. With Aoibheann’s clever mix-matching it just. looks. cool.

Electric Picnic Style 2013 TMCM

How could I leave out the most eagle-eyed style spotter of The Picnic?! I would have if she was dressed in a onesie or something but luckily she was not. In fact, Gemma was one of the best dressed and hairstyled and make-upped of the whole festival! Everything down to her accessories were magnifique.

Electric Picnic style kids TMCM
Lauren & Hannah

Mini fashionistas alert! You would know it to look at them that these two are festival veterans. Hannah is Lauren’s personal stylist and I want her to be mine too!

Electric Picnic Style TMCM

Ah Irina, you do know how to put an outfit together. Festastic. Enough said! (And more from Irina tomorrow).

Electric Picnic Style TMCM

Yay! Colour! And plenty of it! Becky is one fine lady who has totally embraced the spirit of EP and she looks damn good for it too! Good move with the pink poncho. And LOOK! No wellies!

Electric Picnic Style TMCM

I spotted Fiona in the Mindfield section of Electric Picnic where everything and everyone was cool and mellow and sophisticated. What caught my eye was her cool hat, reminiscent of Robin Hood, I thought. The picture does not do it justice sadly, but you can clearly see how Fiona’s carefully considered outfit was perfectly topped off with it. Echoes of Mr. Hood are far better than Maid Marian in this day and age!

Electric Picnic style 2013 TMCM
Karla Russell

First thing’s first (or actually last thing’s last for now) – anyway, check out Karla’s amazing vintage shorts, procured from a vintage shop located in Nutgrove, Dublin of all places! It’s called Trés Fab and Karla was raving about it! Loving her boots-not-wellies too.

Remember – there’s more where that came from tomorrow! So don’t forget to return to your favourite Irish fashion blog!

P.S I wore wellies. All weekend. Love them really. 

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