Dublin Style Watch 1 – The Fumbally Cafe

Post by Town Mouse (T.M.)

There’s a new(ish) haunt in town that everyone is talking about, in fact, you’re no one if you haven’t yet been to the Fumbally Cafe in D8!

Beloved of hipsters and cool mothers (I am never going to use the term ‘yummy mummies’ FYI, last presence of those words on this blog) post-joggers and people who simply have a hankering for nice food and coffee – the Fumbally attracts an eclectic crowd.

I have heard musings, however, that you can’t just show up wearing any old thing, unless you want to experience  a distressing form of “outfit anxiety” as it sometimes feels that only seriously stylish folk frequent this place.

Edel Wilson, Tralee, Looking the part in The Fumbally
Edel Wilson, Tralee, looking the part in The Fumbally

My favourite Fumbally “look” that regularly crops up during my crowd scanning is stripey tops below messy hairdos and above coloured pants with interesting shoes. Last week I spied a group of friends pulling off Scandinavian chic with aplomb!

Go for style hunting, for the artisan coffee or their signature Fumbally eggs, but don’t go on Sunday because they’re closed.

The Fumbally Cafe, Dublin 8
The Fumbally Cafe, Dublin 8

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