Trend Watch: Knee Boots are Back

Post by CM It’s been a while since knee boots were en vogue. Sure, they have been worn as part of 70s inspired outfits as that trend languished for a few years but they were nowhere near as ubiquitous as they were ten or so years ago, when every second girl out on the town […]


Trend Alert: Stomping Ground

Post by CM When TM faced me with a boot-choosing dilemma yesterday I  wasn’t at all sure how to respond. On the right foot was a chunky boot with buckles, on the left a chunky boot with laces. Like Sophie’s dreadful choice it’s nigh on impossible, considering the boot on everyone’s feet (but especially Jennifer […]


Going for Gucci Gold

Post by CM If you haven’t noticed that Gucci is having a moment you haven’t taken note of Gucci since Victoria Beckham (nee Adams) tried to decide between identical little Gucci dresses in Spice World. And that classic came out in 1997. The house of Gucci was founded in Italy (where else?) in 1921 and […]