Trend Watch: Knee Boots are Back

Post by CM It’s been a while since knee boots were en vogue. Sure, they have been worn as part of 70s inspired outfits as that trend languished for a few years but they were nowhere near as ubiquitous as they were ten or so years ago, when every second girl out on the town […]


Trend Alert: Stomping Ground

Post by CM When TM faced me with a boot-choosing dilemma yesterday I  wasn’t at all sure how to respond. On the right foot was a chunky boot with buckles, on the left a chunky boot with laces. Like Sophie’s dreadful choice it’s nigh on impossible, considering the boot on everyone’s feet (but especially Jennifer […]



Post by T.M. I’ve crippled myself many times, the most recent being this Saturday past. The method by which I do so is always the same – by donning the wrong shoes. Actually, the right shoes, in the wrong size, although the shoes I wore this Sunday were in fact the right size, I had […]